Dynamic Club Fitting with Trackman

Dynamic Club Fitting with Trackman

Your physical characteristics are as unique as your finger print. If your equipment matches your individual needs, this provides the best opportunity for consistent ball striking, shot dispersion and the chance to develop your golf swing. Our Master Club Fitter evaluates your current equipment, tendencies and static measurements. Your dynamic swing tendencies are tested and analyzed with different shaft flexes to determine which one is best for your swing. Afterward, you'll receive customized equipment specifications for set make-up, lengths, lie angles, grip size, grip type and shaft flex.

Dynamic Club Fitting Pricing in Orlando, Florida

Price Marriott Vacation
Club Owner
2 or 3 Day
Golf School Add-On
Junior (17 & under)
$199 $169 $159 $139

Our Palm Desert, California location is home to Golf Fitting Studios, for pricing and appointments call 760.674.2737.


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