1. The AimPoint Express Read (level 1 and 2) is the perfect balance between simplicity and accuracy. This read can be learned in minutes and will give you reliable reads with little time invested. Perfect for any golfer who wants increased accuracy with a non-technical solution.

Express Level 1 Express Level 2
Class Length: 1 Hour Class Length: 1 Hour
Prerequisite: None Prerequisite: Express Level 1
Single Direction Breaks / Putts Up To 20 Feet Multiple Breaks / Long Putts Up to Any Length
- Feeling Slope - How To Use Express On Long Putts
- Break Direction - Handling Multiple Breaks
- Short Putts (<5') - Estimating Green Speed
- Medium Putts (5' to 20')  
- Choosing Correct AimPoints  
- Capture Speed  

2. The MidPoint Read is the ultimate read in terms of accuracy. This read is used on every major golf tour in the world and delivers exceptional precision. The MidPoint Read is designed for golfers who want the most out of their putting.

MidPoint Level 1
Class Length: 2 Hours
Prerequisite: Express Class Required
Limited To 20' and Single-Plane Putts
- Single-Plane Reads
- Angular Reads
- Basic AimChart® Usage
- Measuring Green Speed
- Skill Development
Materials Provided - AimChart®

The MidPoint Read is offered as a private lesson upon request.