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Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort in Orlando, FL

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Golf Club

Best In-Class

Marriott Golf Academy℠ instructors are highly experienced PGA career professionals with over 125 years combined experience working with men, women, and juniors of every skill level.

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  • Elite Players

    Whether you're an amateur competitor or a professional golfer, Marriott Golf Academy™ can help you develop a strategic approach to preparation. The instructors, technology and training facilities are unmatched in providing all the elements you need to prepare to compete at the highest levels.
  • Advanced Players

    If you're a low-handicap player working to elevate your game, Marriott Golf Academy℠ instructors can help. Using a personal approach, technical evaluations and individualized drill routines, you can combine your commitment with a "training road map" to break through any plateau.
  • Core Players

    Golf is a game that rewards consistency, and players who can effectively repeat their strokes are rewarded. If your game shows flashes of brilliance, Marriott Golf Academy℠ instructors help you develop more repeatable techniques to lower your scores. This comprehensive approach gives you the knowledge to improve every aspect of your game.
  • New Players

    Learning golf can be an intimidating process. Instructors at Marriott Golf Academy℠ have chosen golf instruction as a career because they have a lifelong enthusiasm for golf and teaching. As a player new to the game, you'll discover a welcoming learning environment and instructors who coach you in the fundamentals through a simple and easy-to-understand approach.